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Course Description :

Adobe Premiere Pro is ashort – term video editing course offered by the best institute for video editing training in North Delhi. Designed by our industry expert, Adobe Premiere Pro is a 45 days certificate course suitable for working professionals and students. The course aims to help the students in learning to edit clips from scratch with special effects, titles and colour grading.
Adobe Premiere Pro is non – linear video editing software demanded by the industry for creating advanced and high-quality flims. Thus, the course is focused on imparting in-depth knowledge of the software interface, unique tools and technique.
The instructor-led program helps the students in learning and polishing their skills to use out of the box ideas to create an impactful video. In addition, they tap into their imaginative world by aiding them to build 2D animated and motion graphic pictures.

Adobe Premiere Pro is a practice-based certificate course. It covers all the fundamentals, basic and advance concepts that the students encounter in the phase of post-production. The short- term course starts with a basic understanding of the project, sequence, clips and different formats. To enrich the learning capabilities of the students, it focuses on the software’s interface, importing and organising footage, editing in timeline, etc.
To enhance the editing skills of the students, the curriculum of the course also focuses on working with audio, refining the project with transitions and special effects and working on the green screen. It is also intended to make them learn about the colour corrections, embedding animated images and other objects and exporting the project in a complete HD video.


  • Settings in Premiere video files: Formats, codecs
  • and video standards
  • The video editing workflow
  • Understanding projects, sequences, and clips.

The Premiere Interface

  • Workspaces in Adobe PremiereThe Source, Program,
  • Project and Sequence panels
  • Watch a quick edit from beginning to end
  • The Tools Panel and the audio meters

Importing and organizing your footage

  • Importing single and multiple files and folders
  • Adding metadata to clips
  • Using the Media Browser
  • Creating subclips

Basic Editing Skills

  • Creating a new sequence using your clips settings
  • Previewing your clips in the Source
  • Three-point and drag-and-drop editing
  • Working with different image formats

Editing in the Timeline

  • Rearranging clips in the timeline
  • Understanding tracks and using track select
  • Ripple and roll edits

Working with audio

  • Setting correct audio levels
  • Mixing audio and changing volume over time
  • Cleaning bad audio with the Equalizer

Refining your project with effects and titles

  • Adding transitions
  • Keying (Blue/Green screen)

Color Correction

  • Fixing common problems with footage
  • Adding creative color treatments
  • Speeding up your editing with Adjustment Layers

Resizing and animating images and video

  • Basic Motion Controls
  • Using keyframes to animate zooms and pans
  • Working with logos and photographs

Exporting your project

  • Making life simple with Presets
  • Web exports for YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
  • Exporting for PC and MAC playback
  • High-quality exports

Tips and common problems

  • Resetting your preferences file
  • Moving and relinking source files
  • The auto-save vault

Adobe Premiere Pro is one of the most demanded software in the post- production industry. It opens up various job opportunities in the advertising, marketing, entertainment and corporate industry. After the completion of the course, students can work as a:

Course Feedback

I have join video editing expert course at nextgeducation. Starting from graphics design concepts step by step i have improve myself a lot in the field of video editing and graphic designing. Unlimited practice session helps me lots to do more work and staffs are very supportive here...

- Ankita Sharma

I'm doing video editing Expert Course from here. deepak sir is very helpful and all trainers..

- Khushi Mishra

Best Training institute for video editing ..where i hv learn adobe premiere and after effect....

- Kajal Rathor

I am learning VfX from Next-G Education, timings are very flexible, we also get individual attention and the teacher is very cooperative and understanding. I would recommend everyone to join this institute as the courses fees are also affordable out here!.

- Swati

Next G education is one of the best institutes in Rohini.Which offers various courses such as graphic designing, video editing,web development etc.I have been doing a course in web development for the last two months.I am happy learning here & making projects in HTML,CSS & BOOTSTRAP etc..

- Rajeev
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